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District 12 includes all of Pasco, some of Pinellas and Hillsborough. It is a society in which we live. As a Nurse Practitioner who makes housecalls, working in the community, I see a society that is not as well as it should be. There is unnecessary damage to homes and vehicles during afternoon rains. There are severe disparities, there are many inequities, dysfunctions, and there is a governance that at times breaks the law, and other times simply makes problems worse. 

As a patient this society has Diabetes, it has way too many sweets in some areas and starvation in others. A few want a 7 mile shortcut to Land O Lakes from Ridge Rd. all of Pasco will pay $200 million for it in new Mobility Fees assessed to their property. 

A $14 million  park planned on the South side of the Starkey preserve and gates for the communities on 3 sides. Then the West side gets very little to improve their public park and no gate to the Preserve  even though the communities there run 5 miles of the border. One side gets the other does not. This is inequity, and it is a problem for families who paid Pasco to grow and now get NO return on the investment, not even the principle. So many opportunities lost to the Pasco Original Communities.

Perhaps there is a bit of Myocardial Infarct in the Board of Commissioners making decisions, no heart for equity or even paying on an investment. 

No books or copies with directions for school work. Fees charged for student registration in a land where the Constitution promises a "free quality education". When 25% live in poverty and County wide 40% live at the edge of poverty, how will they have access to internet to learn the basics?

There is Congestive Heart Failure. Fluid Overload in many places, even with afternoon rain storms. Highway 19 floods,  in Tarpon roads flood for decades and no one repairs it. Where are the federal dollars and programs to do this with? Where is the Congressman who is in charge?

The issues with many areas where  homeless are lead for services are out of control. These lower income communities are left to fend for themselves as the charitable services are overwhelmed, uncoordinated, and inadequate. This causing further deterioration and crime to these areas.

This patient has High Blood Pressure. There are so many people on the roads; there are Congested areas in Florida, but Pasco has more than twice the injury wrecks.…/Pasco-injury-wrecks-more-than-do… 

IT'S NOT OKAY! We have to work on the health of this society together and with intention.

This is My Home

"Thirty five year Pasco Area resident Angelika Purkis is more than a “New Face” in the Congressional race for District 12. Her life represents the balance, education, and dedication one would hope for in a candidate. A business owner, Nurse Practitioner, inventor, mentor and community activist / volunteer demonstrates a passion for her community and fellows alike. Her experience in areas of healthcare, business, homelessness, regulation, certification, community service allow her a breadth of view worthy of your support for Congresswoman. "



It’s not ok that people are in jail for a plant. It’s not ok that industry threatens our water supply. It’s not ok government ignores the will of the community, the needs of the citizens to Improve tax roles instead of lives. It’s not ok that poor planning doubles time to commute or puts jobs out of reach to those who use public transportation. It’s not ok that children’s lives are threatened from lack of basic health monitoring. That young adults exit the foster care program mostly unassisted. It’s not ok that human rights are violated over the concern for sovereignty. That our young people enter life ill prepared to earn a livable wage while corporate welfare allows stock holders to profit.  


Healthcare is a Right

Protecting the most basic of human rights includes the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without prosecution.

Caring for All


At some time in our life we will all need medical care; could be due to cancer, an accident, or just old age illnesses. To say that any citizen should not be required to pay is simply wrong. We already pay for all those who do not pay now. Through Medicaid or charity, we all pay. 

Medicare for purchase


Expansion of the Medicare program making it available to all for purchase. Maintaining levels of subsidies to make sure that low income citizens have equal access to equal care regardless of financial status or condition. Utilizing costing curves to represent earning power, income levels. Protections for all with pre-existing conditions. Creating the first real national pool of insured’s capable of negotiating fair provider prices, and affordable prescription drug pricing. 

What about Veterans?


VA Title 38 Reform only works when you change the horses on the carousel. When the same greed and cronieism is present, then the change will be minimal. Adding all current and former service persons immediately to improve access for veterans and service members for non-combat related issues. Returning the Veterans Administration to its original charter of administrating benefits and providing specialty care for combat related wellness and healthy living needs. Simultaneously increasing the national pool increasing negotiating power while improving access to specialty needs patients through substantial reductions in the Veterans Administration burden to provide. Swift access to care is key to making improvements in the VA. There are management and leadership issues. Recent privatization of care only works when private healthcare works. When the system is corrupt then we find that it is a syphoning of tax dollars to private medical management companies for these VA clients. The cost to tax payers is not negotiated nor is it questioned it is a windfall of tax dollars to for profit corporations. The quality of the care will be secondary to profit, the same as it is for private citizens. We all deserve better, the Veterans and the people they fought for.



Published private provider procedure and treatment menus for patients to know the cost of care before selecting a provider. You know how much other private businesses are going to charge before you subscribe or purchase, why not health care. It is complicated, so is auto repair, computer pricing, and cost of groceries, yet they give reasonable estimates. Public disclosure of pricing schedules forces more competition driving prices down. 

Nationally negotiated drug prices suppled through providers public or private to universal care patients. Opening the supply chain to Canadian and European suppliers. Limiting drug company profits derived from drugs developed using Federal Tax Dollars. Institution of drug development tied to higher learning, graduate programs, where the lab is associated with a University, not necessarily in the University. This is a nation that values Corporate secrets. Clearly the system is out of control building on previous study and innovation. Then it is no longer purely a trade secret, it is a melding of knowledge that should limit the free range of gouging for dollars. 

Mental Health


Creation of a National Mental Wellness Initiative to promote a healthy nation, curb substance abuse, and decrease prevalence of homelessness across America. The treatment of substance abuse as the illness it is rather than bad behavior would immediately open up resources for healthcare that are now going to prisons. Prisoners do not receive quality treatment, ony minimal, life saving treatment. For profit prisons should not be our mental hospitals. Healthy citizens are more likely to seek out, maintain mental wellness treatment and prescription programs. 

Pairing the services of the Care for Everyone program with a National Mental Wellness Initiative sets the stage for a happier, healthier, more productive America. Because we are all about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; from the very birth of our nation. Allowing one entity distribution of funding for wellness treatments would allow tax dollars, premium dollars to be funneled directly to mental wellness providers increasing availability and viability of programs. Support NAMI (


Deep Well Injection

The County's  news  showing this project  and when it will inject Leachate below the aquifer.

Starting in Shady Hills around Hays Rd. 2019-2020 according to the County document. 

The map in the link will show that it is Industrial Waste that they will be injecting under our aquifer.  Click on Florida and then scroll to enlarge and see the wells. 

 This is an article from the 1990s that describes the Industrial Waste that will be pumped under our aquifer, that I am fairly certain is not made of Tupperware. 


It is a long and tangled story, so I gave the BOCC a packet to follow with all of the proof of what I think has been a huge case of fraud. It is an entity that is deeply entangled with our county and now other counties. Apparently our county and the PEDC believe that giving money to big business is charity. I don't know. Never thought of it that way. So I sent the whole mess in to the IRS. In my view these people owe our society taxes on >$20 million or so a year. Because a Business League's donors have to pay taxes on donations. Did they? IDK this was a 501(c)(3). All the other Economic Developments around the state are filed differently. Perhaps the IRS will sort it out. They made the rules.

Fraud in the Pasco County Building Dept.

While under attack a couple of years ago. I listened and found out this was going on. I thought this was THE BIG STORY about Pasco. Turns out it was just one of many questions that needed to be asked.  

So ABC News investigated and found that what my ears heard was absolutely true. Builders had engineering stamps in their drawers. So I should be thrilled. Except Mr. Rosenthal is still in charge of permitting. The engineers and builders work all over the state. AND a guy does not get Alzheimers over night! So the way I heard it was that this went on all over the state in brand new entire developments. So when the storm comes and the insurance sees the list at the bottom of this report.....will they pay? Or will they say, no. You were not inspected or engineered properly? We are happy for the investigative report. Where is the FBI? I notified them!

Florida Constitution says FREE, why are there School Fees?


School Fees that were charged to parents, might be illegal. A new letter was sent to Mr. Browning's office:
To: Kurt S. Browning elected Pasco County Superintendent of Schools

C/O: Ray Gadd Deputy Superintendent
Phone: (813) 794-2649
Executive Secretary: Peggy Facemire

From: Angelika Purkis

Dear Sir,

I have attempted to point out the possible breaking of a law that I believe was committed by Pasco County in respect to schools. It seems that there were registration and book fees charged to parents of students attending public schools all around the county. Schools are FREE in Florida, but not so in Pasco County. They are again charging registration fees without telling people that they are voluntary donations. The child's name is labeled across the form as though the fee is due. I believe it is not legal. Schools are already funded by yearly property tax, newly raised impact fees, Penny for Pasco, Lotto, even utilities. If they are short on money we need to know why. We need the State to appropriate properly. We need the district to spend appropriately. As citizens we have already paid over and over again via all the previously listed methods and should not be burdened again. People are telling me that they do not want to risk graduation due to not paying a fee. They pay out of fear, not knowing. I believe the district owes each parent a refund for these fees if the family wants them back, as they were not told that these fees are NOT REQUIRED. Essentially, they are donations and should be labeled as such without a name attached. Even if it is for an elective class, if an elective is required to graduate, then there should be no fees. If it is extracurricular, then that is a different story. Clearly, the law states "FREE" public schools. IT'S NOT OKAY. You cannot override the Florida Constitution. California had a Class Action Law Suit on this issue. I believe you owe monies back to parents if they want it. I have written the Pasco School Board. I am watching and see no action yet. I expect this situation to be corrected if the law was broken. We tax payers have paid for you to have attorneys at your disposal, just so that our governance is certain of the law. Please address this.

Article IX, section 1 of the Florida Constitution establishes the State of Florida’s commitment to funding grades
K-12 education, as follows: “The education of children is a fundamental value of the people of the State of
Florida. It is, therefore, a paramount duty of the state to make adequate provision for the education of all
children residing within its borders. Adequate provision shall be made by law for a uniform, efficient, safe,
secure and high quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality education…”

You will find a copy of the fees charged to one student. By the way, the person who configured them needs a lesson in simple addition as well. You will also find a copy of how fees are assessed on property taxes, just in case you are unaware.

Mobility Fees

Many pages of many fees in legal jargon. Want a copy of the county report contact me and I will email it to you. One thing for sure, they are coming.  

PASCO COUNTY BCC TO CHARGE A MOBILITY FEE TO EACH HOME AND BUSINESS IN THE LAND OF PASCO. $330 A YEAR, not sure but that is what it looks like? Too much debauchery coming from this BCC. Full pages are posted at Community Topics, come join and read. Two of it's members are on the ballot for this November election. Tell them what you think of this fee. I think I heard they gave all the builders a pass on their Impact Fees for all the thousands of new homes. Now they want us to pay? Do they give Mines a pass? Is that what I am reading? There is an interesting story behind that at the Stop Lago Verde Mines Facebook page. IT'S NOT OKAY!
I am on the ballot too. I am already working to clean up, and have a LONG list of issues I have been reporting on because, well, the news will not! Tell me what you think of my work on the ballot as well. Here is the first paragraph of their paper:

"The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) has determined and recognized through adoption of the Pasco County Comprehensive Plan that the growth rate which the County is experiencing will necessitate extensive, major transportation network improvements and make it necessary to regulate development activity generating new travel demands in order to maintain an acceptable level of transportation system capacity and quality of life in the County. In order to finance the necessary new capital improvements and regulate travel generation levels, several combined methods of financing will be necessary; one of which will require development activity generating new transportation demands to pay a mobility fee which does not exceed a pro rata share of the reasonably anticipated expansion costs of transportation facilities. "

Display their FAQs

Here it is from the source, this lady works with 50-75 charity organizations in Pasco. See what she has to say about the management of a project that is proposed, The Navigation Center. BOCC has been unsuccessfully trying to make a plan to house 50 homeless for over a year. There are serious questions about how many homeless there are here. The county says 1500, Raine Johns said at least 3000 a year ago, probably more like 5000 in Pasco alone, but they did not count this year. It is what I believe the problem is all through our nation. When there is funding.....offices eat it up. People in need never get the help. A whole system is built around the Grant Getters and their need to live off of the poor. Those who are being effective, are telling the government to "keep it". They are the ones who should be getting the help! When you make things so complicated and regulated that you decide to leave people in the woods because its too complicated......IT'S NOT OKAY! else

Sustainable Clean Energy- Our Environment -Education



A $727 million Natural Gas Power Plant coming to ..... the Hays Rd area? Huge high pressure gas pipelines must be running from somewhere to get to here? Where are they? There are neighborhoods and schools in every direction. Should this not be away from homes and schools? Up by I-75 in an industrial area? Perhaps the one that Raymond James did not buy after tax payers built them a $1 million driveway? 


The US SBIR: Each year, Federal agencies with extramural research and development (R&D) budgets that exceed $100 million are required to allocate 3.2 percent (FY 2017) of their R&D budget to these programs. Currently, eleven Federal agencies participate in the SBIR program.

This program funds small business and we need to get our small businesses on board here in District 12. So much INNOVATION to be done!

Our Environment



I am watching out of control growth here in this district. There is a $727 million gas power plant coming into a residential neighborhood. Where are the pipelines coming from and what are they running through?

There is a Deep Well Injection system being built at the Hays Rd Incinerator location. It will dump leachate into the ground beneath the Aquifer. Here is the article about Pinellas and the Panhandle. Read it. Research it. Then let’s roll up our sleeves and get rid of it.

There are mines in Shady Hills (Pasco SH). They were just permitted against citizens wishes. They will be blasting 90 ft below the water level of our Aquifer for 24 years. That is the length of the permit! Help fight this disastrous decision making.

The Commission is also trying to build a Freeway through our Preserve at Starkey Park. They want to spend $151 million of Pasco County Tax Payer’s money to do this. Right out of your pocket. Bilirakis took the Commissioners to DC to try to get more funding. He does not know the definition of “Preserve”! AND he is on the wrong side of this environmental battle. Come join me; lets stand up for Nature, for our Environment, Save it for future Generations.


   Broaden secondary, post secondary offerings to include technical and trade skills  training. Reforming cost structures for viability. 

Teachers Public Education needs all of the money and support we can send them. The latest teaching methods. Opportunity for every single child to find and nurture their best self. Teachers hold our future in their hands. They should not be overworked, they need patience. They should not want for supplies or tools. Latchkey and tutoring should be an integral part of our education system. College should be very low cost and fully supported by grants and funding that nurtures and grows our brightest and hardest working. It should not be a debt trap. 

Support Public Education. Integrate all of those Charter ideas into our public schools! We paid for all of the research, now let us reap the benefits.

Economic Justice

There were Dark Ages when every man was for himself; the renaissance was art, education, people working in a good economy. We do not have to look far to find the solutions in history.   


There has been a shift towards business in the past decades. Business is good, but not if it does not benefit our society. When big business moves to our area it must bring good paying jobs with benefits.

In the past 40 years I have watched big business optimize their profits on the backs of their labor. Wall Street has been booming! That is only great for some of us, and actually the more it goes on like this the more citizens there are who will never have a nickel to invest in Wall Street Boom. The goal is to find balance. It is good to have work, but when the work does not sustain a family, a household, healthcare or a retirement, and the corporation is benefiting by hundreds of millions …. there is no balance. Collective bargaining is the only way for workers to have a real voice. Yes, there are drawbacks and costs, but they are far fewer than the drawbacks and costs to NOT having Unions. Workers need a voice, a strong collective voice. 

All of that being said, there have to be concessions made for small businesses. Many do not have the income or the volume of business to pay out wages and benefits like the large corporations can. These small businesses are vital and local areas should be set aside for them. We do not need franchise coffee and hamburgers in every neighborhood. We need to give our Moms and Pops space to grow. There need to be programs just like Unemployment, where the licensing triggers a connection to a benefit program that is paid into multiple ways, even publicly supported. We do not exist for the sole purpose of Corporate Income. They have taken so much. It is time for them to bring it!  

Fighting a Wildfire

  There are areas of our country swiftly becoming a third world according to the United Nations. They see countries all over the world and report that we are the ONLY first world nation who has the kind of extreme poverty that is flourishing here in 2018. We are better than that. We are not third world. Some decades ago we had a great economy. Our manufacturing jobs were sent around the world to help lift others out of poverty. For the small amount that it improved the impoverished in those nations, it increased our numbers of citizens living in poverty. Many are swift to say they are “lazy”, they should get up and work. The intentional push to hide the poverty here has created disparate communities. These areas have much higher incidences of chronic disease, increased hospitalization for exacerbations, family turmoil, single mothers, latchkey kids, mental illness, addiction. We are all paying, and we should. People need are not islands. It takes support, and working together to solve the issues, not great efforts to hide them and keep them in their place.  Effective area wide public transportation coordinated with well planned neighborhoods and business districts developments enhances opportunity and life quality Disparities abound in this nation. So many are left behind. People will open Soup Kitchens and give clothing until there are mountains of trash and human suffering in them. IT'S NOT OKAY!   

We need to do better. We need to fight these disparities as we do Wildfires. From behind, on top, in front, prevention, vigilence..... all of that, all at the same time. Orchestrated with intention. Created at the highest levels of government to reach every single person in every single state. Many scattered programs are in place. Many offer just enough help to be for show. Time to end the greed of those enriching themselves on the suffering of others, all the while perpetuating harm. Call it out. Make our children feel the love, know that we value every single one of them. Help everyone to be part of our society. No more people living in the bushes with governance turning their faces. No more suffering sent to churches who will not and cannot manage the volume. It us all about us and how we treat those around us. This is the USA WE ARE A FIRST WORLD NATION AND WE WILL STAND AND BEHAVE AS SUCH.




Here in the land of plazas and malls .... 

Where people are living in conditions that are at poverty level, they need a neighborhood center to go to work on their future. Not a handout, but a hand up.

The basics include a Community Hall with a stage, and a Community Pool. Open for community meetings and rentals for private events.

· We pay for public services already. Let’s look at how we can make the offices multiply in number but shrink in size. Police, library, post office…

· Connectivity from the field instead of the cubical. Many of the suites would have income and pay rent. Doctor, Dentist, Day care, Gym, Food, Coffee

· Volunteer requirements connecting with local college programs. Efficient for tax dollar use for services while they help students get their volunteer hours. Nursing, Medical Internship, Teachers, Attorneys 

· Clubhouse International Programs. They help people with non-violent mental health disorders learn to integrate into society. 

· Businesses: Autism programs, Doctor, Dentist, Gym, Food, Coffee, Latchkey Programs, Child/Elder Care, all should be locally owned. NO CHAINS.

· The businesses start up should be funded by GRANTS not loans, at a community cook off and business competition. Where the community decides what they will support. To be held every 5 years, spruce up the old or fund the new.

· Hours are around the clock for police, social worker, charity, and child/elder care, food, library. Many many many of us need to work through the night. These places should be safe zones for care, study, and crime prevention 24 hours. 


Problems we may want to discuss and solve


Human Trafficking

Police Stand Down in some areas

Feeding people in need

Integrating back into society after crisis of drugs or homelessness

Creating Tax Payers

Finding where the tax money went

Keeping taxes for their original intent

Public trust and transparency

Coming Events

  • Sign assembly and posting
  • Ink stamping fundraising products
  • video making
  • video editing
  • getting the cards out there
  • Roadside hustle holding the long banners at rush hour
  • Pop up at a park with cards and  tchotchkes

Email your interest to

and you can work with the candidate to WIN!

A Facebook Work Page


When I have documents to post, I do it here.

A place with minimal clutter. Here you will find meetings and local events. News that affects our lives. Things that are growing and being built in our area. Corruption uncovered. Revitalization. What is happening near you?


Drop off or Mail your donation to our Campaign Headquarters:

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Candidate is Locked Out of Debates by Other Pasco Chambers of Commerce and PHSC

Line two use to start with: All Candidates running for US Senate and House, before I asked to debate. This is my description of Rigging, by both parties, because neither candidate is standing up to it. That should tell you what you will get with your vote. 

I believe that this is illegal for a 501 entity to do to a FEDERAL CANDIDATE. We will find out. I sent it to the IRS. 

This Was Done to Pasco Voters

West Pasco Chamber of Commerce locked the Independent Candidate out of the 9/17/2018 Debate. 

Pasco Hernando State College allowed this action. The President of the College,  Dr. Timothy L. Beard was notified and allowed it to be. 

This Candidate is even a 3 time Alumni of PHCC. With an AA Degree, LPN , and RN training. Honor Student. This is how they will treat their Alumni? Terrible.

Mr. C.T. Bowen of the Times was told about this action and there was no response to date. It must not matter to the Times that voters are left without information.

This action which was taken and upheld by these organizations have completely lost my respect. They are part of the problem. When a candidate is on the ballot and they are silenced from speaking by people who are held in trust by the public it is a travesty. 

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